Gaithersburg Vinyl Wood Replacement Energy Efficient Windows Gaithersburg

Having an old or historic house can be a rewarding experience, but finding the right Gaithersburg vinyl and wood replacement windows dealer can be a hassle. Most home improvement shops want to sell you the most expensive products in order to boost commissions and the bottom line.

Unlike our competitors, the Door and Window Warehouse does not try to sell you products you don’t need. Instead we want to give you a detailed analysis about energy efficient windows in Gaithersburg so you can make an informed choice about your home.

Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows in Gaithersburg

While you can’t go wrong with either Gaithersburg vinyl or wood replacement windows, vinyl windows act as a more affordable utility player for your home improvement needs.

  • Ease of Installation: Wood windows require you to gut your house from the inside while vinyl windows can be easily installed from outside of your home.
  • Excellent Insulator: Vinyl is one of the best options for Gaithersburg, MD energy efficient windows. The technology allows for several layers of glass to be placed in your window with a special insulated glass in between each pane that keeps your home climate controlled and energy efficient.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike wood, vinyl replacement windows in Gaithersburg never need additional painting, staining, or sealing. Once they are installed, you do not have to perform maintenance on them again.

Benefits of Wood Replacement Windows in Gaithersburg

By installing replacement wood windows in Gaithersburg, MD, you are choosing to make a serious investment of time and money.

  • Natural Beauty: The technology of vinyl windows hasn’t advanced far enough to make them appear as natural and elegant as wood. By working together with an interior designer, you can design many more possibilities with natural wood replacement windows in Gaithersburg, MD.
  • More Durability: While Maryland doesn’t experience the same harsh winters as New England, there are blistering cold days in the winter. Wood is not affected by cold and will not shrink or shrivel when the weather becomes inclement.
  • Better Resale Value: New homeowners are always looking for the highest level of accessories in the home. The amount of time and care you put into Gaithersburg vinyl and wood replacement windows will ensure you get more for your home when moving.

The decision between Gaithersburg vinyl and wood replacement windows is up to you, but the Door and Window Warehouse can help you decide. Call us at 301-779-2000 with any questions.


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